East Carolina University

Department of Construction Management

Assistant Professor

CMGT 3010: Construction Modelling and Information Technology

CMGT 4340: Construction Economics

SUNY Alfred State College

Department of Civil Engineering Technology

Assistant Professor

CIVL 1011: Civil AutoCAD

CIVL 1182: Civil Technology Graphics

CIVL 2154: Quality Control of Construction Materials

CIVL 3553: Commercial Building Construction Methods and Practices

CIVL 4043: Construction Management

Vanderbilt University

Graduate Teaching Assistance Experience

CE 3501: Transportation Systems Engineering

CE 4950: Civil Engineering Design I

University of New Haven

Undergraduate Teaching Assistance Experience

HTMG 1165: Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism

HTMG 2210: Applied Techniques Culinary Arts

HTMG 3305: Wine Appreciation 

HTMG 3307: Cultural Understanding of Food and Cuisine

HTMG 3309: History of Beer 

HTMG 4445: Advanced Cuisine Management and Techniques